Youth Business Leadership Program


In partnership with Chamber Coalition

The Chamber Coalition is pleased to announce their Youth Business Leadership Program (YBLP), first series, Small Business Boot Camp. Their non-profit organizations are aiming to develop a culture of leadership and excellence among teenagers and young adults from various sectors across New York City, by promoting entrepreneurship and civic engagement.

YBLP provides them with the knowledge, tools and opportunity to be the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.  NACC established YBLP in 2012. YBLP strives to address the problem of economic and educational inequality in Black and Hispanic communities of New York City by means of two main frameworks:

Youth Leadership
The organization will operate several multi-cultural youth programs at our Chamber and throughout New York City in different communities, providing young Blacks and Hispanics with the tools from the world of business, management and entrepreneurship.  Furthermore, as members of our Chamber, we will guide these teens throughout their high school and college years, as they establish business enterprises in New York City.

Our potential partners are local chambers, the United States Small Business Administration (SBA), municipalities, businesses, social organizations and other leading companies working to empower young Black and Hispanic entrepreneurs.

The Educational Process
Youth Business Leadership Program – Small Business Boot Camp SeriesThis program is sponsored by the Law Firm of Figeroux & Associates. Each scholarship is worth $500.00. Thirty scholarships will be granted. If you are interested in attending, please complete the online application form. You must submit a copy of your resume also.

Donations are welcome. If you would like to contribute towards our scholarship program, please contact Ms. Phillip, at 718-722-9217.

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